Isn't having sex with a silicone doll weird?

Regardless of how people have sex, it's really not a weird behaviour. Because it gives him pleasure and he enjoys it, sharing his life with a doll is a choice to live.

Why do people misjudge this kind of relationship?

It's very simple, because it doesn't look like the natural one that everyone has agreed on before. Indeed, who of us is not aware that the love between two young people at that time was just the result of a contract between the parents. There is no official meeting or love, sometimes the two people have never met until the day of marriage, so in the end, this social code is not accepted by everyone.

This is not all, but the ethics of a marriage is the union of two people who are going to share their life together, and start a family by having children. Do married couples know how to take responsibility in this home and care for their children? The answer is no, many do not even know that a child is a responsibility. So, the critics should not be based in the kind of relationship of a same sex couple, a transgender person, and yet to take as a wife that black sex doll who is the only one who will be able to give comfort to the human.

The weird question in this relationship

The people who come to order her dolls are normal people. There are female sex dolls and men, as well as underage kids and even silicone babies. The purpose is to fight against the loneliness of many people who have had a not so happy history with their partner in love.

We can't say that these people have a mental disorder, let's say that they chose to live their life in this way. And their fear is no longer focused on dying alone, but on leaving their partner in silicone alone as she never ages.

A report on the life of an old man with three of these silicone dolls showed us that the man has plenty to occupy his time with his dolls and it is not necessarily a need for sex, but rather for presence.


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