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The shemale porn story takes place in a recreation center. The guy's room is right across from the transexual's. One day in the hallway, he offered to go home to have a few drinks. The young transexual, still sexy hesitated a few moments before accepting. The man in no way knew that it was a ladyboy who was with him. He invited her into the living room and took out two glasses and a nice bottle of champagne.

After a few drinks

After a few drinks, the man got closer to the shemale then started to caress her breasts while fixing her well in the eyes. The latter seemed a little embarrassed to see the reaction of this man when he sees that she has a cock but she still let herself be tempted.

After all, he seemed to be very open-minded. The man then lowered his hand a little lower until he noticed that she had a well erect rod instead of the pussy. He hesitated for a few seconds at first but realized how beautiful and sexy this young transexual was that he didn't want to miss the opportunity to do it.

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He then undressed her after having kissed her languidly and then started to suck her cock like never before. He whispered in her ear if he could attempt some sort of experiment with her that she could perfectly enjoy. She said yes without hesitation. He went to his room and came out with a latex glove and lubricants. He put on his glove and then slipped one then two fingers into the anus after coating the latter with lubricant. At the same time he masturbated it with his other hand and at times added one more finger until his whole hand entered, real fist fucking! The shemale screamed with pleasure to such an extent that she enjoyed even before penetration.

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